Dave Petraglia(non-registered)
Love your site and work. You have a great eye and sensibility; the soundtrack brings it(!) 'Drawn In' and 'So, Here It Is' in Agave are like mini-vacations that you invite the viewer to take. Thanks for my ticket.
Jessica Sage(non-registered)
Your energy is SO amazing. So authentic. SO beautiful! Keep spreading your truth everywhere you go because you've tapped into a wonderful gift. <3
You are amazing, doing this work, its a sacred duty!
self-exploration and self-expression form a powerful foundation to stand upon when we begin exploring and expressing the world around us.
Self-story is really the only truth we have, to tell.

Im sharing your site with my Cosmic Cowgirl sisters-- a band of rowdy artists, poets n what-have--yous... they are going to LOVE you.
do you have lots of support for your work & development, Ayanna?
you might like to check out Cosmic Cowgirls Magazine, for regular postings in support of women artists!
Beautiful work! I love looking at the photo collages. They remind me of a game we have: it's a tiny bag filled with a dozen miniature objects and the idea is that you have to arrange the objects in a pattern and then follow the pattern while making up and telling a story that includes each object. I enjoyed letting my eyes follow patterns around your collages, thinking about stories that the images brought to mind. Can't wait to see more!
My sister(non-registered)
My sister of whom I have known less than a year but seems like forever. I suppose creative souls can vibe like that. I dig your website and work. Keep pressing on, you do great work!

Peace, Love and Art

Sean aka seangarrison
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